Swedish wood products

We supply construction timber and ready made wood products to construction industry and merchants world wide.

About us

We provide European construction industry and merchants with Swedish wood products

We are a family-owned, private, company situated in southern Sweden. Our suppliers consists of Swedish timber mills.

Our products

We supply a wide range of timber products from Swedish sawmills

Wood is an exceptional renewable construction material, revered for its sustainability and versatility. As a natural resource, wood is harvested from forests that, when managed responsibly, can regenerate and continue to supply materials indefinitely. This renewable aspect makes wood a more environmentally friendly option compared to finite resources like steel or concrete.

Construction timber

We supply timber for floors, furniture, windows and cladding, construction. We also have a standard range of packaging timber.

Ready-made wood products

Flooring, panels

Our team

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Hudson Petersen

Head of engineers
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